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Cardinals change fortunes

Cardinals change fortunes


You may be proven wrong in two weeks, but be honest about it. Your sense is the Arizona Cardinals do not belong in Super Bowl XLIII. In fact, if you were in Foxboro on Dec. 21, your sense is the Arizona Cardinals do not belong in the National Football League.Historically you may have a point, but like it or not they are in both and the former fact is far more remarkable than the latter. After all, while the Cardinals haven’t won the league title since 1947, they have been in the NFL since its inception in 1920, so they qualify for the Super Bowl in the same way Sarah Palin qualified to run for vice president. She was of age and alive. So are the Cardinals, at least until the Pittsburgh Steelers are finished with them Feb. 1.The Steelers are back in the Super Bowl for the second time in three years because of an ironfisted, coldhearted defense. The Cardinals are in the Super Bowl for the first time since the game was invented because, to pick up on President Obama’s theme, in America all things are possible.While it would be a tad unfair to suggest the Cardinals don’t belong in Tampa next week because, after all, they followed the rules and beat the Falcons, Panthers and the Eagles to earn the NFC championship, it also would not be an unreasonable thought Will Smith Black Jersey to have. That they are the first 97 team ever to make it to the Super Bowl is the crowning achievement of decades of manipulation by men in gray Nike Will Smith Jersey suits who work on Park Avenue. Parity was created in the NFL’s Manhattan offices for the benefit of ineptly run teams like Arizona’s, for without it there are no trips to the Super Bowl for the Cardinals, only trips to the cellar.Parity, also called mediocrity by many, long has been the NFL’s goal and now they have it. A team barely able to finish above .500 in the worst division in the game, one that shamefully embarrassed itself against the Patriots last month, now is one victory away from pro football’s version of immortality.Can they do it? Both President Obama and Bob the Builder would say, « Yes we can! » Don’t believe them.Upsets happen, as the Patriots reminded us all in 2002 when www.nflofficialsaints.com/Black+Will+Smith+Jersey they recorded one of the biggest ones in Super Bowl history over the St. Louis Rams, but if the Arizona Cardinals beat the Steelers that won’t be an upset. It would be a shame.These are the same Cardinals who gave up 56 points to The Hated JETS! They are the Cardinals who were hammered on Thanksgiving by the Eagles, the same team Larry Fitzgerald defeated almost by himself Sunday afternoon. They also are the Cardinals who finished the regular season by staggering into the playoffs having lost four of their last six games too, but to be fair they also are the Cardinals who have won three straight playoff games, so attention must be paid.Well, maybe to this. Maybe that there’s a different way to look at them, even if you’re a bitter and angry Patriots fan with your nose pressed to the playoff glass. Instead of looking at the Cardinals as a football team, which at times this season was difficult to do, look at them as a team for the Will Smith Jersey Ebay times. America’s Team, if you will.With the economy in freefall, your 401(k) having been converted against your will to a 201(k), layoffs www.nflofficialsaints.com abounding, money missing from greedy folks who should have known better and the deficit rising, President Obama has asked us all to remember that in America all things are possible. To drive that point home, he doesn’t have to mention his own humble Will Smith Jersey roots and unlikely path to the White House to convince us. Just show up at the Inauguration today wearing a Cardinals Super Bowl cap. What would seem more impossible a dream than that?

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